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Wnen finished, what 's next?

Well done, you have completed all the tasks. But what happens next, and how are the results evaluated and what happens to your data? These and more issues are covered below.

What happens after the Online Assessment?
Once you have completed all the tests, all you can do is wait. The company you have applied to will be in touch shortly to give you feedback regarding the tests and to inform you about further proceedings. If everything went well, you will possibly be invited to an interview.

How is the Online Assessment evaluated?
In the case of performance tests, we usually allocate points for each correct answer and deduct points for every incorrect answer. At the end of the test, the points are calculated to give the final result.

In the case of personality questionnaires, your own descriptions of yourself, with regard to specific dimensions of your personality, are captured – there are no right or wrong answers. It’s more a matter of determining whether your personality is suited to the position and the company as a whole.

Do I get feedback?
Each of the tests has a feedback report that gives exact and comprehensible explanations of the results. Ideally, the company you have applied to will make this report available to you.

What happens to my data?
Most important: your data remains your data. Any company you apply to is not allowed – without your explicit agreement – to use your data for any other reason than for the application procedure.

Normally the test results as well as some personal data such as name and email address will be saved in a database for at least the duration of the application process. This database is usually on secured servers and access is limited to a few people within the company. Some companies delete the data directly after the application process is completed; some keep it for a specified time after. cut-e recommends companies to retain the test results and personal data for a time but then to delete them. As a rule, data in our systems is deleted after 12 months.  In addition, we work with an external professional data protection expert who is continuously checking and monitoring our databases and servers for data protection issues.


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