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For years research has shown that aptitude tests are powerful predictors of long term professional success. Virtually no other tool provides as much added value for HR decision making with comparably small time and effort.

All tests in the scales suite developed by cut-e are developed in a way that it is possible to administer the tests without the presence of an administrator. Therefore all tests cannot only be used for diagnostics, but also for online recruitment and selection processes.

Overview scales aptitude tests
With the scales tests, cut-e provides instruments for the measurement of aptitudes for different target groups and assessment requirements:

Numerical ability

Numerical reasoning  
Numerical interpretation  
Numeracy skills
Verbal ability

Verbal reasoning
Verbal interpretation  
Simple understanding of instructions
Abstract logical abilities

Logical reasoning  
Inductive-logical reasoning  
Deductive-logical reasoning
Specific cognitive abilities

Information competence  
Short-term memory  
Power of observation  
Learning aptitude  
Memory for faces
Multitasking capability  
Spatial reasoning  
Visual thinking  
Sense of orientation
Perceptual speed  
Hand-eye coordination
Special knowledge/skills

Language proficiency (English, German, Norwegian, Swedish)  
Calculating capacity  
Mechanical-technical understanding


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