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So why would you leave it to intuition or friend recommendation? Knowing how a candidate will lead – especially in today’s Myanmar environment where many organizations are faced with increasing uncertainty and ambiguity – can be very good insight. This is why we’ve enhanced our Executive Search process with Online Assessment, an executive assessment tool designed specifically to evaluate candidates’ leadership styles and the degree to which they are able to fit to other styles. It can help you better answer the question: How will this candidate lead? 

Online Assessment has some very clear benefits in comparison to traditional assessments: Firstly, no supervisors or invigilators are needed for Online Assessment. This means that ‘gut feeling’ plays no role, neither while taking the test nor during the assessment so Online Assessments are very objective. Secondly, Online Assessment can also predict, with a relatively high degree of accuracy, how suitable a candidate is for a specific position.

Over and above this, there are also some very practical advantages:

  • An applicant can complete the Online Assessment at any time from anywhere e.g. from their home. This saves travelling costs, and it also has the advantage that the test can be performed in the applicant’s own familiar, stress-free environment.
  • The automated evaluation of results saves both time and money.
  • From a company’s point of view, the relatively limited amount of time required is one of the main attractions, as it enables the inclusion of a large number of candidates in the pre-selection process.

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