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How can I best prepare?

What sort of hardware do I need, how do I tackle nerves, and how do I best prepare for an Online Assessment. This and much more is covered in this section.

What type of computer do I need?
Basically, any computer can be used. You simply need Internet access and a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox). It is best to use one of the newer browser versions because the very old versions are no longer supported. You need FlashPlayer for doing the actual test – this software is often required for gaming sites. Smartphones or tablets, however, cannot be used.

For optimal depiction of the Online Assessment, we recommend that you set your screen to a resolution of at least 1024 x 768 Pixel.

Do I need any aids?
Basically, you don’t need anything except a computer with a browser and Internet access. Other aids are generally not required. However, for some of the tests it is useful to have a calculator or perhaps pen and paper at hand. Some of the exercises, for example, are made up of various steps, the results of which you might want to jot down so as to make it easier to find the solution in the end. If any kind of aid is required or could be helpful, you will be informed accordingly in the introduction to the test.

Is specific prior knowledge required?
You don’t need any special prior knowledge. However, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with online tests before tackling the Online Assessment.

How can I practise and where?
You can practise on our website: http:\\getstarted.cut-e.com where you have the opportunity to do various typical online tests and familiarise yourself with the use of the functions.

What can I do to counter nervousness?
Getting nervous doesn’t automatically make you a nervous person. Being nervous is related to a situation – in this case, taking an Online Assessment. You are expected to perform, but the performance could be rated bad. Actors describe the nervousness that suddenly plagues them before a performance as “stage fright”. And most of them don’t really want to get rid of it completely because nervousness can have a very positive effect on their performance. First of all, remind yourself that nervousness is absolutely normal. A certain amount of pre-test nervousness has a very positive effect: It channels your attention and mobilises your energy. You will probably feel a little better when you know what to expect. 

I have a disability. What should I do?
Participation in Online Assessment can be very challenging for people with disabilities. For people who have visual or movement disorders, or any other disability, special arrangements must definitely be made to ensure an accurate, fair assessment of all candidates. In some cases, disadvantages can be overcome with technical aids or the right settings. For example, people with visual disabilities can use a screen magnifier. When activated, this device enlarges the area upon which the mouse is directed.

If you are uncertain whether you can participate in an Online Assessment, the best approach is to contact the company to whom you have applied. Different countries and regions have similar rulings.

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